18 авг. 2012 г.

Cappuccino Nursing Necklace for breasfeeding mommy

Color: beige creame coffe with milk cappucino
Material: cotton, wooden beads and wooden crochet beads.
Measures: The colored beads are about 0,78 inch (2cm) in diameter. The crocheted cord is longer that 100 cm (39"). You can wear it as you like — long and short. 

This is a beautiful nursing necklace with wooden beads in pastel colours!... I think this nursing necklace is perfect for moms but also for women who love the combination of these particular materials. 

Breastfeeding & babywearing necklaces are 100% natural, vegan, human and eco-friendly, help to catch your baby's attention while breastfeeding / bottle-feeding, perfect accessory for babywearing mommies or use it all the time you want to catch your baby's attention and stimulate him or her to look and explore, make a perfect baby shower gift.

You can buy these babywearing necklace in my shop GerberaHandmade on Etsy

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