13 мая 2014 г.

Rainbow Breastfeeding Necklace with ring for mom / Nursing necklace

Nursing necklace also called teething necklace, babywearing necklace, chomping necklace, breastfeeding necklace, teether necklace, baby teether jewelry, baby natural jewelry, mom necklace, baby carrier necklace, teething jewelry, kangaroo care necklace.

GerberaHandmade’s nursing & breastfeeding necklace made with great love mother:-)

⇒Nursing necklace is the perfect and popular eco-friendly toy for your baby.
⇒Teething necklace is a great gift for breastfeeding & babywearing or bottle-feeding moms! Mom necklace keeps curious babies and toddlers from playing with hair or clothing mother.
⇒Baby nursing necklace is a perfect way to simplify your life as a new mother -- a gorgeous accessory for you and your baby!  
⇒This handmade totally natural kangaroo care necklace help to evolve baby's fine motor skills. Crochet beads are very textural.
Nursing necklace / teething necklace will help your child learn colors.
Babywearing necklace are safe for baby.
Teething necklase is an independent stylish accessory for mom. It is just beautiful to wear!

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All nursing necklace made with crochet covered beads and wooden juniper beads. I used 100% cotton top quality. It is made from natural materials and beads are made ​​in Russia.

Note: Juniper beads have a pleasant scent of pine needles. Juniper is rich in essential oils, which have a number of useful properties. Inhaling the resinous aromas of juniper, the person calms down, as it has a favorable effect on the nervous system. Besides juniper has antibacterial properties, and therefore contributes rapid healing.

Nursing necklace is crocheted in a clean, smoke-free & pet-free home.

The colored beads are about 0,78 inch (2cm) in diameter. The crocheted cord is longer that 100 cm (39"). You can wear it as you like — long and short.

Wash the teething necklace by hand in warm water.

Although this babywearing necklace is made to be very safe for baby, don’t leave the baby to play alone with it. You should check the toy each time before giving it to the baby.

Note: color might different when displays on your computer screen.

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